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Palermo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria is owned and managed by a family located in the heart of New Jersey. Named after the capital of the island, Sicily, and where Owner and founder, Giulio was born and raised, Palermo’s continues a long-standing tradition of providing excellent cuisine, service, and a family-friendly atmosphere. Our specialty is the Trenton style “Tomato Pie.” A Tomato Pie is very similar to a regular pizza, but with a twist on both ingredients and design. Made with a thinner, crispy crust, the Tomato pie consists of a hearty, full-bodied tomato sauce with mozzarella. Currently, there are two Palermo’s locations. The Original Palermo’s in Bordentown is the founding location. The second location resides in Florence/Roebling. We now cater for both small or large parties, corporate luncheons, and all catering requests are welcome. Palermo’s also provides corporate accounts for corporations who wish to gain membership to any of our corporate programs.      


At Palermo’s, our locations are BYOB, (Bring Your Own Beer or Wine), and we provide a high-quality and clean atmosphere that is perfect for a quick bite at lunch, or a sit-down dinner among friends, co-workers, and family. We offer a wide variety of classic pastas, delectable sauces, and original entrees in addition to our remarkable Tomato Pies. At Palermo’s, the menu is only a guide, and special requests are always welcome. Everything is prepared fresh to order and variations on any dish are always possible. New weekly specials provide a twist to the menu with both lunch and dinner additions that are available throughout the day and night. Palermo’s is pleased to offer an ongoing weekly special of Two Large Pizzas or Tomato Pies for only $19.99 every Saturday and Monday. Feel free to mix and match between Pizza and Tomato Pie, adding toppings to whichever pie you desire and still save when you take advantage of the special deal.


Additionally, Palermo’s is pleased to announce a new GLUTEN FREE MENU for those who are looking for Gluten Free dietary alternatives. Our Gluten Free menu provides our patrons with a full line up of Non-Gluten cuisine. From Pizza and Tomato pies, to savory sandwiches, salads, and entrees, including Seafood, Chicken, and delectable Pasta dishes, our inclusionary approach to our menu displays a commitment to providing quality options for those who either chose or are forced to partake in Gluten Free services.


No matter which Palermo’s you visit, authenticity, quality cuisine, and great service is at the forefront for every meal our customers come to enjoy. Palermo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria is always there to make you feel as though you are part of our family; because those who come to enjoy the simple pleasure of great food, are always welcome.

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