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Our Mission

 We are a youth strength and conditioning training group focused around a mindset, a SPARTAN mindset; hard work, character, belief in yourself, and never giving up.   It is through these beliefs we accomplish our physical goals.

Core Beliefs

At Bordentown SPARTAN Bootcamp, we believe in hard work, dedication, and perseverance. We value honesty, integrity, and respect and hold our members to the highest of standards.  We celebrate our successes as a family, and we face our failures and learn from them to come back stronger.  Once a SPARTAN, always a SPARTAN!

Head Trainer

Coach Bill Hartz


  • Over 15 years experience coaching youth athletes in soccer, wrestling, and mma 

  • Safesport Certified

  • Red Cross Certified in CPR, AED, and First Aid

  • NASM Youth Fitness Certified

  • Certified practicing substitute teacher 

  • Really loud with minimal tolerance for shenanigans 

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